Production Specialist – Crosspond

Keith Farr

Keith Farr is the founder of Crosspond, a production company specializing in live production services, with a base in Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa.
Since 2006, Keith’s journey into the live broadcast and Football arena has been a winding path, through IT, sports analysis and live streaming of soccer, baseball, volleyball, and American football. After having worked for Brand South Africa in the UK for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Keith returned to South Africa and started producing livestreaming of conferences, large entertainment, and sporting events.
More recently Keith has worked on the live production of various action sports events in South Africa, including UCI/WSL and RED BULL events, where he started to specialize in LiveU bonded solutions for both the signal acquisition and the distribution of live video to linear and traditional OTT platforms.
Over the last 3 years, and with a kickstart from COVID-19, Crosspond started to port into remote production as an added level of specialization. Working with a global team from countries such as UK/South Africa/Brazil/India, Crosspond produced top-flight POLO with LiveU as the main backbone to the workflow.
This has expanded in 2022, where Crosspond have partnered up with Broadcasters (Canal 2 and Dash Tv) in Cameroon to produce tier 2 games for the Football Federation of Cameroon using LiveU end-to-end solutions.
Based on this success, Crosspond is now looking at how the same blueprint can be applied to the rest of Africa, using delivery mechanisms that support the growth of revenue streams, ranging from bespoke OTT services that are bandwidth sensitive, to traditional or cloud distribution of content that can be consumed by a global audience.