President – SAFA

Danny Jordaan

DrDanny Jordaan was born in Port Elizabeth, and received his primary and high schooling in the city. Dr Jordaan holds a BA degree from the university of the Western Cape and an Honours degree from the University of South Africa and Education Diploma. He has been the recipient of four honorary Doctoral degrees: namely, Doctorates of Philosophy from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University as well as his alma mater, the University of the Western Cape, and a Doctorates of Administration from the University of South Africa and Doctorate of Administration from the University of Fort Hare.On completion of his studies at the University of the Western Cape, Dr Jordaan began his professional career as a lecturer in Port Elizabeth. He also excelled pin sport and from 1970 to 1983 he was a provincial cricket and football player. In the latter sport, he achieved professional status for a brief period. His political and sport interests soon overlapped and the trajectory of his public life was defined, as he became an activist in various organisations fighting to break racial barriers in sport and society in South Africa. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to excellence in sports administration in South Africa. Through his activities in sport administration Dr Jordaan has consistently, and publicly, advanced the ideals of democracy, human rights and non-­racialism. His service in the advancement of association football in South Africa has been outstanding. From 1983 to 1992 he served as president or vice president of various football boards. Dr Jordaan has also served FIFA in several capacities: as General Coordinator of the World Youth Cup (now know as the FIFA U