WFS Asia is a multi-event conference and we are aware that many professionals look for in-depth context expositions lead by industry experts. Besides the WFS Asia main stage, we have another stage where companies and clubs will jointly share and discuss their ideas, success cases and present the trends in practical terms to a specialized audience.

The formats for the WFS Asia Industry Talks are

Corporate Keynote

A 15/20-minute format where an individual can explain and tell a corporate or individual story in a format like a TED Talk.

Success Case

A practical 30-minute format in which a football club and a service provider explain a joint success story. For example, the details and advantages of the alliance between a great lighting service provider and a club that annually disputes the Champions League for the lighting of its brand new lush stadium.

1:1 Chat

A theoretical-practical 30-minute format where two speakers of relevance discuss one topic in depth: these could be 2 football clubs, 1 journalist and 1 club or 1 journalist and 1 company. For example: 1:1 chat about how to detect talent between two Sports Directors of two historical clubs sponsored by a major player analysis company.


Round table format with a duration of 45-minutes, where 3 or 4 speakers discuss in depth on a subject of great relevance. For example: Two eSport representatives of Clubs and a representative of an international organization of e-game analyzing the launch of an eSports competition, sponsored by a leading company in the market of audiovisual rights.


Current and past wfs industry talks

“The level and quality of the speakers this year makes it obligatory to attend because you learn from each one of them”

Miguel Ángel Gil Marín – CEO, Atlético de Madrid